To Activate the Mountain Fellowship Prayer Need Notification System first read below and then call 406-461-8207.

Every church has prayer needs.

And every church has its own way of dealing with them.

Some churches have prayer chains where one person calls another who calls another and so on. We’ve opted out of that simply because we believe there is a better way to get our prayer needs known to those who will pray. We use a Prayer Need Notification System.

Please understand this about our Prayer Need Notification System. We believe God answers our prayers or we wouldn’t even put the effort into notifying people to pray for special needs. But we also understand that people live busy lives and don’t want to be interrupted for what doesn’t seem like an urgent prayer need. In other words, if every time your Aunt Suzie’s nephew’s girlfriend’s cat got lost (or other similar prayer requests… you get the point) we activated the system, it wouldn’t be very long until people wouldn’t take the emergency need seriously. So…

Also, please note this: We try to have someone from Mountain Fellowship visit everyone who is in the hospital. So if you request the Prayer Need Notification System to be activated regarding someone in the hospital who DOES NOT for some reason want us to visit, you need to make that clear when requesting prayer. Otherwise they may get an unwanted visit anyway. 

To Activate the Mountain Fellowship Prayer Need Notification System your prayer need should be:

  • an urgent need for someone a person who attends Mountain Fellowship knows. (This system of getting people praying is meant to be specifically for Mountain Fellowship and people they know personally.)
  • of an urgent enough nature that people wouldn’t mind getting the notification and praying immediately.
  • NOTE: we will only send out notifications at odd hours if the prayer need is an emergency… otherwise we will wait until a better hour and activate the notification.

If you have a prayer need you believe should be placed into our Prayer Need Notification System  you may call the phone line dedicated to that specific purpose at (406) 461-8207. You will most likely talk with Karen Trettin who has instructions how to determine if Prayer Need Notification System should be activated and if it should she will do so.