We have an awesome team of servant-hearted men and women who give of themselves selflessly on a continual basis to help make Mountain Family Fellowship what it is.

Paul & Joy McElroy- Sr. Pastors
Pastor Paul & Joy moved their family to Helena at the call of God from the Dallas, Texas area a few years ago and they are some of the most selfless, energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring people you will ever meet. If you haven’t met them yet you’re missing something really special. It is impossible not to fall in love with them because they genuinely love people.










John & Susan Bebich- Elders
John & Susan have been in Helena for a long time and were the original founders of Mountain Family Fellowship. They started the church as a small group in their home and have stuck with it through many difficult times and numerous pastors. We are blessed to have such servant-hearted people on our team.

John & Susan-sm








Caroloyn Truscott- Women’s Ministry
Carolyn heads up our women’s ministries and does a great job at gathering, inspiring, and encouraging the women of our church to be all that God wants them to be.








Donna Elford- “Mountain Kids” Ministry Leader

Donna and her husband, Les, are a huge blessing to our church family. Donna coordinates all youth Elevate Ministry activities selflessly and enough cannot be said about her heart and effort.








Sheldon Jorgenson – “Elevate” Youth Group Ministry Leader
Sheldon is on part-time staff, while he is taking a full time load in college, as the leader of our Mountain Kid’s ministry. Sheldon has a huge call of God on his life and shows it every day in his servant-hearted leadership.










Lori Robinson- CARE Ministry Team Leader
Lori is a native Montanan and brings a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to our team. She leads our CARE ministry which includes our greeters ministry, follow-up team, and hospital visitation. She is a blessing anywhere she serves.










Josiah Ediger- Worship Team Leader
Josiah has been part of Mountain Family Fellowship since he was very young and has become a very gifted musician. He leads our worship team and is expecting, with his wife Kristine, a new baby in July of 2016.










Brett Norling- Usher’s Ministry
Brett and his wife, Vickie, are pillars in Helena as well as in our church. Brett heads up the Usher’s ministry selflessly.








Brenda Ediger – Nursery
Brenda directs activities for our nursery department and does a great job of it.











Hank Snell- Media Department
Hank & his wife, Lisa, have raised their family here in Helena and Hank serves our church by heading up the Media department which takes a lot of skill and commitment.
Hank- sm







Val Manolovits- Food Train

Val and her husband, Jimmer, are solid members of our Helena community and our church where Val heads up the Food Train making sure any family who is in need of help with meals gets the help they need. She also helps coordinate things any time we have food related events (which is quite often) and does an awesome job of it.








Karen Trettin – Prayer Needs Notification Ministry
Karen, and her husband, Dan, are a fantastic addition to our Mountain Family Fellowship.  Karen is a prayer warrior who inspires others to pray and heads up the mininstry of making sure other prayer warriors are notified when there is a prayer need.










Steve & Kelly Allen- Administration, Video Department, Personal Freedom prayer, Soaking & Altar Workers ministries

Steve & Kelly serve in various capacities. Kelly heads up our Personal Freedom prayer department as well as Friday night Soaking and Altar Workers ministries.  Steve helps Pastor Paul with church administrative things, heads the video department and teaches Bible study classes from time to time.

Steve & Kelly-sm