The men’s ministry in many churches is often a group of men meeting at a local restaurant to have breakfast and a short Bible study. Some churches even make the men’s ministry into a monthly work day.

At Mountain Family Fellowship our men’s ministry is different. Lots of men from the church get together from time to time to bring their friends and just do fun activities that are of interest to most men.

We have done golf outings, fishing trips, pot luck gatherings (men are always interested in food), and camping trips. We get together to watch the NFL or NBA playoff games and the Super Bowl and sometimes even go target practice with our guns for fun.

We find that, as God designed us, we are often the most fulfilled and happy when we are giving to others, so part of our “men’s ministry” group is giving of our time for the “helps ministry”. One or two men getting together to help someone out who is in need of help gives us valuable time together to develop friendships with great men we might not otherwise have a chance to build a friendship with, and at the same time fulfills our mandate from the scripture to take care of our widows and orphans. It is truly a win-win deal.

It is exciting to build friendships with men who want God at the center of their lives. We often find ourselves praying for each other and sharing about the goodness of God.

men's ministry

The intent of our men’s ministry is to provide an avenue for us to show the love of Jesus in places we might not normally find ourselves and to people who might not otherwise see His love.

You can call Steve Allen at 406-465-2881  if you have any questions.