Mountain Family Fellowship is a growing church in Helena, Montana. If you visit, you would immediately believe that we are a non-denominational church, MFF2-smbut for accountability purposes we have chosen to be affiliated with the IPHC denomination.  Since we believe that God and His Bible have the answers for every one of today’s problems, we also believe that He has chosen the church instead of the government to meet urgent needs and help people who are in need, whether the needs are physical, spiritual, or otherwise.

Whether you are experiencing family difficulties or marriage problems, fighting addiction or poverty, are unemployed or working through the challenges of being a single parent, recovering from an abortion, a divorce or the death of a loved one, a personal relationship with Jesus is the answer to your need.

To practically deal with any of the issues mentioned above, Mountain Family Fellowship is in the business of showing people how to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and then continuing to train and equip them to be devoted disciples of His. Devoted followers of Jesus soon learn precisely how to face and overcome many of the difficulties life throws at us and how to do it with joy. Jesus came to this earth so that we can be able to live a fulfilling and wonderful life full of His joy.