snowflakesChurches, just like snowflakes and just like people, are all unique, with each of them having its own personality, its own unique blend of talents, passions, experiences, people and Divine calling.  Since one church may be totally different than another one, we would like to give you the chance to get to know who we really are and what makes us us here at Mountain Family Fellowship.  We believe that if you understand who we are, what we are like, and what our personality is as a church family, it will help you determine if Mountain Family Fellowship is the right place for you to get involved and to reach your greatest potential in His kingdom.

The Word of God is Our Standard for Everyday Living

We believe the Word of God (every bit of it) should be honored as the ultimate authority in how we are to  think and that it should affect our behavior.

We make prayer a high priority and a constant focus. We don’t just say that – we live it. Every Thursday evening we have a large group of people meet at 7pm for no other reason except to pray and meet with Jesus. That is part of our DNA. We love praying.

We honor the perfect and complete work of Christ’s death, resurrection, and present ministry.

We believe in and depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us in all areas of life,  and we attempt to follow His guidance.

Christian Living

We are committed to becoming disciples of Christ, and we emphasize that a lot. We believe that it is our ultimate goal for each one of us to become a fully-devoted follower of Christ. That makes us value faithfulness and commitment to His church.

We encourage full and committed devotion to the things of God to the point that some may consider a bit radical. We believe Jesus was radical, and He is our role model.

We work hard at unleashing the full potential of the Church body by equipping every individual and then encouraging them to be responsible stewards of their time, talents and “treasures”.

We hold Christ-like character and integrity in higher regard than specific “gifts’, talents, or personal charisma.

Church Life

We believe in team ministry, not the typical “one man show”.

We believe that every member of the Body of Christ is a minister and we honor servant leadership.  We believe that Jesus taught us that everyone should be serving the needs of His church and our community.

We highly value praise and worship (as we believe God does) and that often shows in enthusiastic and jubilant worship services.

We respect tradition but honor no “sacred cows”.

We value the power of God and believe He works by that power in our lives today.


We gear much of our emphasis toward youth and and children trying to keep them a priority because they are the future of our country and our faith.

We love to have fun (and we have lots of it).

We value hospitality and genuine friendships and simply don’t put up with “cliques”.

We believe that God has called each one of us to influence our generation, and we encourage each and every person to be a godly influence wherever they have any influence at all.

We value each and every person — that includes you!