we-care-buttonOur Mission at Mountain Family Fellowship is to always Love God, Love People and Serve Others.  One of the ways we do that is to maintain an organized CARE ministry which is led by Joel & Elizabeth James in an attempt to make sure people always feel cared for.  We divide the ministry into three subsections that we label “Front Door”, Hospital and “Back Door”.

The “Front Door” ministry it simply to make sure anyone who enters the doors of the church feel the love of Jesus extended to them. It includes getting information from people so we can follow up with them in the days and weeks following their visit to see if there is anything we, as a church body, can do to make them feel more of His love.

The “Hospital” ministry is self-explanatory. Any time someone in the church (or even a close friend or family member of an attendee) has a physical problem that requires hospitalization (we include newborn babies in this ministry) we visit them in the hospital, pray for them and follow up later to make sure they are doing okay.

The “Back Door” ministry is simply following up on anyone who has attended but seems to be slipping away or attending less, to see if there is an issue we can resolve to help them feel more comfortable back in attendance and feeling the love of Jesus and His family.

If you feel like you could help with any of these ministries (remembering that EVERYONE is a minister), please contact Lori Robinson at 406-465-2599.